Fisher Island

If you are looking for unbridled luxury and privacy, Fisher Island is the perfect spot. This artificial island was once privately owned by Carl Fisher. It is located quite a distance from the coastal beaches of Miami and can only be accessed by air or sea. Since there is no road connecting Fisher Island to mainland Miami , residents and visitors must travel by private ferry or helicopter. As home to millionaires – billionaires even – Fisher Island sets a new standard on opulent lifestyle and luxurious amenities. Fisher Island real estate properties are no less than the best in the county, or perhaps, the world.

Once popularly known as the home to the renowned Vanderbilt family, Fisher Island was sold to developers to welcome new residents and commerce. Since the time it was bought until today, Fisher Island is a remarkable gem of Florida . Fisher Island homes and estates are fully equipped with the best amenities and situated in some of the most coveted areas of the whole Miami-Dade County . And because many millionaires call Fisher Island their home, it is no wonder that the island has the highest rate of income in the country.

Private beach access, world-class restaurants and high-end boutiques are just a few of the many extravagant amenities found in the island. There are also a number of country clubs in Fisher Island , including the Fisher Island Club, that offer exclusive privileges to members, from golf courses to spa treatments. If you want to experience life at Fisher Island , check out our list of Fisher Island luxury homes for the latest real estate properties on the market.

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