Golden Beach Real Estate

Golden Beach has a rich collection of luxury condos and upscale residences. In every direction, Golden Beach is surrounded by exquisite comfort and privacy – and these clearly radiate in every Golden Beach real estate property. These homes come with hefty price tags, too; luxury residences in Golden Beach normally go for more than a million dollars, nothing less.

Golden Beach is probably famous for being the home to some of the more popular celebrities, including Bill Clinton and Paul Newman. Security is also another feature, which makes it popular; Golden Beach is known for having a large police force that incessantly monitor the streets and roads for over-speeding motorists.

Apart from its obvious opulent luxury, Golden Beach also carries further conveniences. The city is very accessible for travelers because Golden Beach is situated near two major airports: Miami International and Fort Lauderdale International airports. Most of the homes, in addition, are conveniently located within range of major shopping and entertainment centers.

If you want access to the beach at any time of the day, the Golden Beach community offers private beach entry to some of the most pristine sands of the Atlantic coast. There are also other recreational areas, including parks, tennis courts, playgrounds and more, for residents to enjoy. So, if you want to join the Golden Beach community, be sure to check our luxury home and condo listings located in the area.

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