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Named after Luther Halland, Hallandale is a rich amalgamation of oceanfront estates and inland high-rise towers. What was once a small farming community eventually grew to become one of the busiest cities of Florida in 1947. And if you are looking for your next home in Hallandale, our collection of Hallandale real estate property can satisfy your home-buying search.

Hallandale is a famous travel destination filled with popular hotspots, like the Mardi Gras Gaming. But for those planning to move or retire to the city, Hallandale real estate properties are aplenty. From traditional homes to condominiums and rental properties, the city’s real estate market is filled with tremendous residential options. And the best thing about these residential choices is their location. While inland properties are quite popular for busybodies, the oceanfront homes of the city are also worth considering.

Incoming residents of Hallandale will find the city hospitable and conducive for starting a family. The numerous lovely parks of the city, like the Foster Park, Golden Isles park and Sunset park, among others, receive plenty of visits both from residents and visitors. Those with a hankering for the arts will also satiate their hunger for the objet d’art at the famous Sher Gallery and Art Warehouse. The Broward County Public Schools, on the other hand, make the city child-friendly.

Truly, living in Hallandale is worth considering. If you are looking for a home in this magnificent spot at the Broward County, feel free to visit our extensive listing of Hallandale real estate for an updated roster of Hallandale homes, condos and other real estate properties.  

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