Millionaire's Row

Millionaire’s Row certainly lives up to its name. Home to the most luxurious condo market in the city, Millionaire’s Row is a cynosure of luxury real estate properties as well as multitude of commercial developments. Many builders are now investing billions to the neighborhood which would give birth to thousands of luxury condo units. As Millionaire’s Row undergo this significant transformation, it is starting to return to its root of being the primary home of ultra-luxury residential towers in the city.

Also located in the Mid-beach, residents of Millionaire’s Row enjoy varied amenities and recreational splendors. Regardless of whether you seek peace and privacy or a good place to spend your hard-earned money for some retail therapy, Millionaire’s Row has everything you desire—even if your idea of a good afternoon is laying on the sandy beaches of the city.

There are plenty of high-profile developers and architects that are using their talents to improve the neighborhood and give it the unique flair it deserves. By pooling their artistic talents and creativity together, the neighborhood is becoming the most sought-after addressed in the city. And with several projects, like the Bath Club and AQUA, to name a few, Millionaire’s Row will soon be the envy of all Miami and Miami Beach.

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