Cloud Lake Neighborhood

People who are looking for the most peaceful and scenic waterfront communities that can be found within the Palm Beach County area of South Florida should definitely take the time to visit Cloud Lake which happens to be one of the best towns found in the region today.

The town of Cloud Lake was named a famous war chief of the Seminole Indians called Yaholoochee which means “cloud” in English. It was not until the 1940s that five acres of land was excavated in order to make room for what would be known as Cloud Lake.

Property buyers are sure to love the outstanding selection of Cloud Lake homes and other Cloud Lake real estate options that are currently being offered on the property market today, especially when it comes to individuals that are looking for a more intimate quality of residential living that only Cloud Lake is known to provide.

Residents of the town community are given a great selection of amenities and features which include the Stub Canal Park which is located adjacent to Cloud Lake. Around the same area, people can also find Palm Beach Water Sports where people can easily indulge in an outstanding selection of fun activities for the entire family.

Cloud Lake residents all have English as their first language which place the town among the ranks of Briny Breezes and Jupiter Inlet Colony for being the only municipalities within the Palm Beach County area that have English as a mother tongue.

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