Cutler Bay Neighborhood

The town of Cutler Bay, formerly known as Cutler Ridge, is a beautiful residential community found within the Miami-Dade County region in Florida. It occupies the area from Eureka Drive east of US-1, north of Blank Point Marina. Other areas that are located near the town community include Palmetto Bay, West Perrine, Goulds, and Lake by the Bay. 

Cutler Bay has seen a growing number of people living within the area due to the simple fact that more and more people are now able to appreciate the high quality of living that is made possible within the town community that now offers a great range of Cutler Bay real estate options on today’s property market. 

Residents of Cutler Bay can now expect to find even more convenience as the town now has its own local mini-bus service which allows residents to go to and from different places around town. The service also connects with the South Miami-Dade Busway which then enables them to ride to various places within the region.

Furthermore, the town community of Cutler Bay continues to grant its residents an even better quality of living as it has numerous committees which are dedicated to the goal of making Cutler Bay one of the best communities within the region today. 

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