La Gorge Island Neighborhood

La Gorce Island is one of the many island communities found within the city of Miami Beach in Miami-Dade County today. People who seek all of the luxurious qualities that bring such a diverse range of people into the world-class location will easily be able to experience the entire lifestyle package by simply choosing among today’s outstanding residential options that are available within the beautiful La Gorce Island community.

Located in the central section of the barrier island known as Miami Beach, La Gorce Island provides people with a significant amount of convenience by simply being in close proximity to both the southern and the northern parts of the city.

Property buyers who are interested in the opportunity to live within one of the city’s most exclusive island communities will find it useful to know that the community is known to include areas from Surprise Lake to La Gorce Island, Biscayne Bay, and to the east of Indian Creek Waterway.

La Gorce Island has truly proven to be such a rewarding option for many residential property buyers who are looking to find great value and quality in today’s property market. The community’s impressive selection of luxury homes that are easily surrounded by South Florida’s finest features are indeed one of the most highly recommended options for high-end property buyers today.

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