Loxahatchee Neighborhood

Loxahatchee is a newly formed residential community located within the marvelous Palm Beach County area of South Florida. Established in November of 2006, the town of Loxahatchee offers a different approach to the typical living experience that other neighborhoods provide in South Florida as their approach is more conventional.

Also known as Turtle Creek – a Seminole translation of Loxahatchee – the town of Loxahatchee is located just west of Royal Palm Beach, north of Wellington, east of Lion Country Safari, and southeast of Palm Beach Gardens. It is one of the region’s most peaceful and crime-free communities which is why it has easily become one of the top options for property buyers within Palm Beach County today.

Despite being located in one of the busiest parts of Palm Beach County and being away from all the conveniences other cities have to offer like the different establishments such as restaurants and clubs commonly found in its neighboring communities, its accessibility more than makes up for it. The tranquility and peacefulness of this rural community truly provides a different luxury living experience.

Compared to other family-friendly neighborhoods across South Florida, the town of Loxahatchee Grove is the most ideal residential property option for people who want to raise a family. Potential buyers who are looking for a unique, eclectic and resourceful living experience that offers unbeatable privacy will certainly enjoy the various Loxahatchee real estate properties being offered on the market.

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