Opa Locka Neighborhood

Opa Locka is a fascinating city found in the northeastern section of the Miami-Dade County area in South Florida. Its name is an abbreviated term derived from a Seminole location which supposedly signified a wooded hummock in a swamp.

The city was developed by Glenn Curtiss who had an interesting concept in mind as the community’s theme was based on One Thousand and One Nights which explains why people can expect to find unusual street names such as Ali Baba Avenue, Parviz Avenue, and Sesame Street.

Given the fact that Opa Locka was designed after such an exotic theme, it is only natural to expect such a sensational collection of Moorish Revival architecture all throughout the city. In fact, the community is home to the largest collection of such architecture in all of the Western hemisphere.

Opa Locka is known to be a great city for people who are looking for a more earth-friendly approach to everyday living as a significant number of the community’s residents are known to prefer walking and biking as opposed to driving around the city. Property buyers can find reasonably priced homes within a variety of areas; however, people are strongly advised to conduct as much research as possible on neighborhoods within Opa Locka for their own personal convenience and safety.

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