South Miami Neighborhood

South Miami is an excellent suburban city that can be found within the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. It is also known as the “City of Pleasant Living” as it truly does provide people with one of the best lifestyle options available options in the region today.

It is located two miles northeast of Kendall and seven mile southwest of Miami.

The city of South Miami has a rich history that dates back many centuries to when the area was roamed by Native Americans. It was founded by W.A. Larkins in 1897 and carried his name but it was eventually changed in 1926 when the local residents had decided to incorporate it as a city after which they carried the name which pertained to its location within the region.

Today, after having gone through many changes over the years, the city of South Miami is considered to be one of the most convenient locations for people who are interested in the opportunity to live within the world-class region of Miami. Its easy access to a variety of places within the region makes it such an ideal residential community for people who want to make the most of life within South Florida.

South Miami offers a great selection of residential neighborhoods that are surrounded with lush landscaping as well as numerous parks and recreational facilities. The city also has its very own downtown area which features an assortment of unique shops, dining establishments, and historic infrastructures.

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