Sunny Isles Neighborhood

Sunny Isles is a beautiful coastal city that has often been referred to as the “City of Sun and Sea” where people can look forward to the experience of living the amazing oceanfront lifestyle that so many people seek within the South Florida region.

The city is located on the northern end of the barrier island known as Miami Beach. It is located 4 miles northeast of North Miami and 11 miles north of Miami proper. Many have come to find the city of Sunny Isles to be one of the best choices within the region because of its close proximity to other popular areas that can be found in the Miami metropolitan area.

Sunny Isles is considered to be one of the most glamorous locations within the entire region as the developments which took place during the 1950s and 1960s made it such a popular beach resort destination for affluent individuals from all around the world.

Today, people can expect to find an astounding selection of high-rise developments which provide property buyers with an amazing range of luxury condominiums and private luxury residences which offer the finest in oceanfront opulence.

All of these high-rise condominiums that are found lined up like gems along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean are guaranteed to provide residents with the most breath-taking views of the horizon since the city requires all developments to adhere to the strict building regulations which explains why the tall buildings within the city are so sleek and slender in their designs.

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