Surfside, MiamiLike many areas in Miami Beach, Surfside offers a breathtaking oceanfront community just a distance away from the tropical haven of North Beach. With a modest population of 4,500, this neighborhood is both a serene and laidback residential milieu and dynamic recreational mise-en-scène.

If you are looking for excellent quality of life, Surfside is definitely for you. The neighborhood is known for its strong adherence to the betterment of its residents’ quality of life. The area is host to a combination of both old and new Miami real estate properties, creating a good relaxed setting. Even condos located on Collins Avenue are not allows to have more than 12 stories. All of these measures are done to give a tranquil ambience all around the community.

Quality of life means excellent amenities, and Surfside definitely has the top notch. The sanitation services of the neighborhood ranks high in the entire country and the emergency services of the city never waste a minute to respond to a crisis.

But if you are feeling a bit adventurous, the entertainment programs of the neighborhood are offered all year round. Surfside boasts continuous positive results from its effective approaches in residential living and great feedbacks from the residents and visitors alike. And with a slew of luxury condominiums, including the Azure do and Waverly Surfside, many buyers are given the chance to experience what life is in the magnificent neighborhood of surfside.

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