Allison Islands

Allison Islands Neighborhood

Allison Island is a neighborhood that offers some of the best residential properties that the city of Miami Beach has to offer. It is located north of Miami Beach, south of Normandy Island, and is among the upper echelon of elite luxury residences in the entire South Florida region.

Living within an exclusive island neighborhood provides a great experience for residents, especially when tranquility is one of its most outstanding features. With residents having exclusive access to the breath-taking Normandy Shores golf course located north of the island, Allison Island really does offer one of the most stress-free environments today.

Potential buyers looking for a home within an all-exclusive waterfront neighborhood may find Allison Island real estate properties to be a great find considering that the upscale community offers nothing but the best. From 5-Star restaurants to upscale establishments, Allison Island real estate properties are truly one of Miami Beach’s best options for ultra-luxury residences in today’s ever-changing real estate market.

The biggest advantage of living in Allison Island is the myriad of water-related activities that can be done within the community. From fishing, to windsurfing, and more, the possibilities are just endless. For potential buyers looking for high-value upscale private residences, Allison Island is a neighborhood that is definitely worth looking into.