Goulds Neighborhood

Goulds is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods within the Miami-Dade County area. Its suburban city setting has proven to be an excellent environment for many different types of people who seek the finest residential options within South Florida today.

The name of the community was taken from a railroad operator named Lyman Gould who had worked on developing railroad ties which included the community’s stop on the Florida East Coast Railroad line.

Goulds is located south of South Miami Heights and right beside Cutler Bay.

While the community used to be known as a relatively rough area that catered mostly to field workers who would travel from place to place, Goulds has successfully turned into an ideal residential area which offers great lifestyle options to all of its residents which include a truly diverse collective of nationalities which range from African-Americans, Bahamians, Cubans, Jamaicans, and more.

People who live in Goulds come to find the small town charm of the community to be one of its most appealing qualities although its amazing selection of beautiful homes and other Goulds real estate properties are also considered to be among the numerous reasons why people from all around the world are drawn to the community.