Lake Worth

Lake Worth Neighborhood

Lake Worth is a beautiful community that can be found within the Palm Beach County area of South Florida. Property buyers who are interested in waterfront communities within the region will surely love the opportunities that can be found within Lake Worth, especially since 12 percent of its 6.46 square miles total city area is made up of water!

The city’s name was taken from the body of water known today as the Lake Worth Lagoon which is situated on the eastern border of the city. The body of water was named after General William J. Worth whose leadership role in the US forces was most recognized during the final part of the Second Seminole War.

Lake Worth refers to itself as the city “where the tropics begin” as there are numerous tropical plants can easily be found throughout the city which include mahogany, palm trees, as well as royal Poinciana. People who seek homes that are surrounded by lush environment settings will definitely feel right at home in the city of Lake Worth.

People can also expect to find amazing features alongside the city’s rich history. Among the city’s top attractions are the lagoon which opens out into the Atlantic Ocean right at the Port of Palm Beach via the Lake Worth Inlet located north of Boynton Beach.