Medley Neighborhood

Medley is a beautiful town found in the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. It was founded in the 1940s and was named after its founder, Sylvester Medley.

The town is situated in the western part of the county where it lies next to Miami Springs, three miles west of Hialeah, and nine miles northwest of Miami proper. Its primary tax base is industrial development which explains why people can expect to find such as small population of only 1,098 as per the 2000 census.

People who are interested in living within the town of Medley can expect to find many large families as well as large homes within the dense community. It is a community that is shared among a diverse population that works toward maintaining the best possible living environment for all of its residents.

More than half of the town’s population owns their homes but people who are looking for rental options will also be able to do so. Property buyers who are interested in the opportunity to purchase affordable real estate options will find great options within the town of Medley, especially since its market is relatively younger than most of the areas that can be found within the region today.