Miami Shores

Miami Shores Neighborhood

Miami Shores is considered by many to be one of the most appealing suburban village communities found within the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. People from many different parts of the world often come to find the village and its great qualities to provide the perfect residential setting that enable its residents to enjoy various features which are available within the region.

The village known as Miami Shores was originally a neighborhood that was part of the city of Miami. However, jurisdiction was given up and the neighborhood was eventually incorporated as a village in 1932 after the arrival of the Great Depression. Today, it is one of the best village options for people within the Miami-Dade County area.

Its location above the Upper East Side of Miami makes it somewhat easily accessible to places such as Biscayne Park in North Miami, the city of Miami Beach, as well as Miami proper which is why people who are looking to live near the region’s financial district should definitely look into Miami Shores and its outstanding selection of homes, condominiums, and other remarkable waterfront properties which are available on today’s property market.

Furthermore, the fact that the village community allows its residents to experience the relaxation of living within an area that is not as congested as most parts of the region can definitely enhance the luxury of living within the ideal residential community.