Miami Springs

Miami Springs Neighborhood

Miami Springs is a beautiful suburban city that offers an excellent residential living experience within the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. Also referred to as “Tree City,” it is one of the most idyllic communities that people can expect to find in the region today.

The suburban city of Miami Springs was founded during the land boom of the 1920s by Glenn Hammond Curtiss, also known as the “Father of Naval Aviation,” and James Bright. Back then, it was called County Club Estates but later on changed to Miami Springs after a local spring that provided several parts of Miami with fresh water supply.

Miami Springs is located south of Hialeah and is shaped like a triangle with the Ludlam Canal on the western boundary, the Northwest 36th on the southern boundary, and the Miami River canal forming the northern and eastern boundary of the city.

Miami Springs evolved into becoming one of the first planned communities in the entire state of Florida. It would showcase an architectural style and vibe known as Pueblo Revival which became one of the city’s strongest attributes as people easily found the style to be such an amazing opportunity to live within such a sophisticated community that offered the complete package for ideal modern-day living.