Naranja Neighborhood

Naranja is a fascinating triangular-shaped community found within the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. It is a census-designated place that is bordered by the South Dixie Highway, Waldin Drive, and Southwest 137th Avenue to form a nearly perfect right-angle triangle.

The community was known to be a place where many orange groves could be found which is exactly why it was named after the Spanish term for the word “orange.” It was also one of the stops for the Florida East Coast Railroad which ran through the community in the past.

People who are interested in the opportunity to live within the community can look forward to a very pleasant lifestyle that is shared within a community that caters to an interesting mix of cultures.

Living in Naranja offers an experience that comes along with an excellent selection of parks and recreational facilities such as the Leisure City Park and Naranja Park. It also offers great schools and top-class neighborhood services to ensure that all of the community’s residents are given all of the essential features that they need in order to achieve the highest possible quality of living for people within the region today.