Pahokee Neighborhood

Pahokee is a beautiful city situated right along the shore of Lake Okeechobee within the Palm Beach County area of South Florida. It is situated 38 miles southwest of the Port St. Lucie area and is 78 miles north of Miami proper.

The community is usually associated with the Florida Heartland but it is actually officially included in the South Florida region. Pahokee was incorporated as a city back in March 1922.

The city’s name is a Creek language term that stands for “grassy waters” which is a highly descriptive term of the actual area which the locals also refer to as “the muck” because of its mineral-rich soils which are ideal for growing sugarcane, citrus fruits, and corn.

Aside from its rich agriculture, the city of Pahokee is a great residential community for people who are looking for a quieter type of environment that provides only the bare essentials without any of the commercial establishments which other people can find rather uncalled for.

There are also numerous churches within the city which make it so ideal, especially for Catholics, Baptists, and Methodists. But many will come to find that the city of Pahokee’s list of most notable residents includes an interesting selection of athletes from the National Football League.