Perrine Neighborhood

Perrine is a community that can be found halfway between the city of Homestead and Miami proper in the Miami-Dade County area of South Florida. It is one of the many residential communities that people can choose to consider within the region today.

The community was named after Dr. Henry Perrine who was officially granted survey township by the United States Congress in 1839 to recognize his service as a Consul in Campeche, Mexico. He also had plans to bring in new plants from tropical areas for the purpose of cultivation within the county.

Over the years, the community began as a railroad camp while the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway extension from Miami to Homestead was being built. Its first school was opened in 1909 and soon enough development within the community began to take place.

Today, Perrine is census-designated place which has been separated into two areas — East Perrine and West Perrine. Both areas provide people with residential property options which are easily one of the most affordable options found within the South Florida region today.