Plantation Neighborhood

Plantation is an outstanding city found within the central part of Broward County in South Florida where people can expect to find a myriad of residential options that are proven to grant people access to an amazing lifestyle. It is situated eight miles west of Fort Lauderdale and is surrounded by places such as Lauderhill, Davie, and Sunrise.

The name of the city was taken from the Everglades Plantation Company which used to own the land during the 1940s. Before the end of the decade, a total of 40 homes had been built within the area and, by the 1950s, it had become formally incorporated as a city.

Today, the city of Plantation is recognized for its exceptional approach to providing its residents with the healthiest environment setting possible. In fact, the city is now one of the best cities within the United States as its green theme is something that the city truly does live by.

Plantation offers a great selection of residential options which are located within close proximity to a superb selection of schools, dining establishments, parks, recreational facilities, and even two shopping malls — Broward Mall and Fashion Mall.

There are also a lot of events and celebrations to look forward to within Plantation like the creation of the Winter Wonderland each December, the Art in the Park during autumn, the Halloween and Safety Festival held in October, and several other great opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy city-living in Plantation.