Stuart Neighborhood

Stuart is one of the most unique communities found within the South Florida region today as it is the only incorporated city within the boundaries of Martin County. It is located 9 miles southeast of Port St. Lucie and approximately 98 miles north of the Miami area.

The first non-native American settlers within the community arrived in 1870. By the 1890s, the community was referred to as Potsdam after having been named by a land owner named Otto Stypmann.

The city’s current name was given to the area in 1895 shortly after the Florida East Coast Railway had been established. The name Stuart was given in honor of Homer Hine Stuart Jr. who was also a land owner within the locality.

Stuart is known to be an excellent community, especially for people who are looking to live within close proximity to golf courses as well as the beach. The city is also home to the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center where people of all ages can have fun and learn more about the ocean.

Residents of the community can easily look forward to living a well-balanced life that is filled with all of the great qualities of South Florida living along with the comfort of being able to live within the city’s grand selection of homes which are all found within family-friendly communities.