Sweetwater Neighborhood

Sweetwater is a spectacular suburban community located right in the heart of Miami-Dade County in South Florida. The contemporary residential neighborhood is located east of Tamiami, west of Fountainbleau, and north of University Park.

Formerly known as the “midget” community, the city of Sweetwater managed to make its transformation from being a simple suburban community into a becoming a bustling suburban city as it doubled in size over the years. Because of its remarkable location, the city has become one of the most sought after residential neighborhoods within the region today.

People who are interested in being able to find the many great hotspots that Miami-Dade County has to offer will find Sweetwater to be incredibly accessible to popular tourist attractions within the region such as Coral Castle, Miami Springs and the Bay Harbor Islands. Apart from the number of attractions to be found in and out of the city, Sweetwater is also highly ideal for families who want the best education possible for their children as there are higher education options like the prestigious University of Miami and Miami-Dade Community College nearby.

Residents of the community also enjoy easy access to the Miami International Airport which makes it very convenient, especially for people who are looking to travel in and out of the world-class region.