Tamarac Neighborhood

Tamarac is a unique suburban community that is filled with fabulous recreational parks and facilities suited for all ages. It is located in the northern part of Broward County in South Florida. It is located west of Pompano Beach and south of Coral Springs while Fort Lauderdale is only 13 miles northwest of the community.

Incorporated in the early 60s, the breathtaking lakeside community of Tamarac was originally planned to be the country’s first bedroom community but it was later changed into an active family-friendly community. Today, this fabulous city holds more than 32,000 households.

Potential buyers who are looking for a great family-friendly residential community will find the city of Tamarac to be a highly qualified option. The city alone has a number of recreational parks scattered throughout the city. Sports enthusiasts will find a myriad of sports facilities around the city such as basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, tennis courses, and jogging trails.

The pristine location of the community makes it a perfect residential option for people who do not want to live too near the beach. Because of the great selection of affordable residential options that are currently available within the Tamarac community, people who are looking to establish family living within South Florida will find it to be one of the most practical choices to make today.