Wellington Neighborhood

Wellington is a beautiful upscale village found within the Palm Beach County area of South Florida where people can expect to find an overwhelming selection of luxury homes that provide people with massive lots and amazing first-class amenities. It is located 12 miles west of West Palm Beach and approximately 61 miles north of Miami.

The upscale village is best known for its equestrian and polo events which take place every year. It is also home to the biggest horse shows in the world today which easily goes to show that it is definitely the perfect community for people who love horses and equestrian sports.

Wellington’s spectacular collection of luxury homes have proven to be one of the top real estate options for high-net-worth individuals who would like to purchase options that provide them with all of their high-end needs. Whether it involves townhouses, luxury apartments, or even just horse farms, people can expect to have all of their expectations met within the illustrious community.

Aside from its equestrian offerings, the Wellington community also provides a great range of golf courses found at the Wellington Golf & Country Club, Tradition Golf Club, Links at Madison Green, and the Village Golf Course. There are also nearby attractions which are located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean which allow the community’s residents to engage in activities such as boating, sailing, and fishing.