West Ave

West Ave Neighborhood

West Avenue in Miami Beach is one of the most sought after residential locations in the entire Miami-Dade County because of its amazing bayfront views, top-of-the-line properties, and the authentic modern luxury living experience it offers to people from all around the world.

West Avenue is located in one of Miami Beach’s most pristine locations with South Beach directly to the east while Venetian Islands, Hibiscus Island, Star Island, and Palm Island are situated to the west while Sunset Lake is located north of the area.

Compared to other neighborhoods in Miami Beach, West Avenue real estate properties benefit greatly from the two access points in and out of the city thanks to the Venetian Causeway to the north and the MacArthur Causeway to the south.

Because of its great location and accessibility, West Avenue is a great residential neighborhood for potential buyers who are looking for a complete modern luxury living experience. Apart from the fact that contemporary shopping malls, bars, clubs and restaurants can easily be accessed by foot, there are other great attractions and amusements to be found within the area.

Potential buyers who are into sports will find various amenities and facilities within the neighborhood such as the Flamingo Park and Pool, the track field in between 11th and 12th street, and as well as the baseball field along Michigan Avenue. Water boat enthusiasts will also love the bayfront properties as most buildings along West Avenue have their own docks.