The Condo Buyer’s Guide: Five Important Factors

Miami condos have easily become one of the most preferred real estate options within the region today. If you happen to be one of the many property buyers who would like to purchase a condo within the area, it would be useful for you to consider five factors which are considered to be important when chooing from the extensive selection that is currently available on the property market.

Here are five important factors which condo buyers should check prior to the purchase:

Availability of Financing

There are property buyers who will want to purchsae condos with the help of financial assistance. While there are many options which will easily be approved by the variety of financing companies within the region, there are those which might not qualify. It is one thing for a property buyer to qualify for financial assistance, however, they are going to want to ensure that the condo option they are hoping to purchase will also be approved.

Any Special Assessments

Aside from the price that comes with condos within Miami, property buyers will need to find out whether there are any special assessments that will need to be settled. Such expenses are typical in condos which have been around for fifteen years or more.

A special assessment is an expensive or levy which is added on top of the purchase to cover for any costs which are outside of the board association’s budget. If your condo of choice happens to be relatively new, you may find that there will be no such fees to be paid. However, if you are looking to purchase a unit within one of the older condos then you should definitely find out how much the special assessment is going to cost.

Usually, special assessments are proportional to the percentage of common expenses for individual units. The smaller the unit, the smaller the special assessment, and vice versa.

Condo Association Fees

People that own condos are required to settle condo association fees which are usually due on a monthly basis. The fees will vary from condo to condo and that is why condo buyers should find out how much their condo of choice is going to charge as well as how often these fees are expected. Nevertheless, the fee will typically be deremined based on the amount of expenses for each individual unit based on square foootage.

Condo association fees are used in order to pay for the expenses in the operations and management of the condo. It covers staff salaries, overallutility costs, operations and maintenance of all amenities, as well as the basic maintenance of the building itself.

Professional Inspections

Property buyers are often encouraged to conduct professional home inspections prior to any real estate purchase and the same thing applies to condos because doing so can help people pinpoint any specific details that will need to be identified.

While a professional inspection will most likely not be able to detect any major issues within the unit, it always help to make sure that there will be no unforeseen problems which may require costly repairs in the future.

Any Condo Restrictions

Due to the nature of condos, property buyers can expect to encouter restrictions when it comes to their condo options. Different condos will have different restrictions, often with regards to pets and leasing conditions. Condo buyers are encouraged to take time in going over all of the restrictions for condos that they are hoping to purchase so that they are fully aware of what they can and cannot do once the unit is under their name.

If you are interested in buying a condo within Miami for the purpose of leasing it out as an investment, you should definitely make it a point to find out whether your condo of choice has restrictions on how often and how long you will be allowed to lease out your unit. Doing so will help you determine which of the available Miami condos will prove to be a worthy investment option for you.

Being able to purchase one of the many outstanding condos within the Miami region can be such an exciting experience for anyone. If you would like to see to it that you end up making the right choice, you should get in touch with our team of real estate experts so that you can receive professional assistance when it comes to your options on the property market today.