The Property Buyer’s Guide to Foreclosures

Miami foreclosures have easily become one of the most highly sought after real estate on the property market today because of the vast selection of affordable deals that can be found all over the region.

If you happen to be someone who is looking into the Miami real estate market for the best bargain deals on today’s property market then you will find our updated selection of foreclosures to be a great resource to help you achieve your real estate goals. Also, our experienced team of real estate experts is always prepared to provide you with outstanding professional assistance that will be recommended to anyone who would like to understand what foreclosures are.

We have put together a basic guide to help property buyers understand the foreclosure basics which can be important, especially among those who are not familiar with what the term means.


A foreclosure is a situation wherein an individual that has signed to an agreement to borrow money for a real estate purchase becomes unable to make their due payments for the existing mortgage. Essentially, the inability of the borrower to live up to their end of the agreement enables the mortgage lender to seize the real estate property which they will then place back on the property market as stated in the terms of agreement.

Mortgage lenders within the state of Florida are required to adhere to the judicial foreclosure process in which the mortgage lender takes action to initiate the process by way of courts within the state.

The foreclosure process consists of three different stages which are pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, and post-foreclosure. If you are a property buyer who would like to buy affordable real estate within Miami by looking into today’s selection of foreclosure options, it helps to understand the difference between each of the three stages. If you are a home owner who is going through foreclosure and need information on how to stop it, we recommend you to read this in-depth guide on how to stop foreclosure before it starts.

Pre-Foreclosure Stage

Owners of real estate properties that are at the pre-foreclosure stage of the process can prevent incurring further damage to their credit history by choosing to transfer the real estate property at a price which is settled between the lender and the borrower.

Real estate properties that are in the pre-foreclosure stage present a great opportunity for property buyers, especially since there are not too many complications involved with the property. You can get in touch with us to find out more about the available Miami foreclosures that are still in the pre-foreclosure stage.

Foreclosure Stage

Once the real estate property has gone beyond the pre-foreclosure stage, it enters the foreclosure process which typically lasts for several months due to the legal factors which are involved in the process. In fact, there are thousands of real estate options that are currently undergoing the process which will eventually become available to property buyers who seek affordable options within the region. Nevertheless, people will find that the best quality Miami foreclosures do not sit around on the property market for long because of the high demand for these bargain deal options.

Post-Foreclosure Stage

Real estate properties that are already under the possession of mortgage lenders are considered to be in the post-foreclosure stage of the process. These options are also known as Real Estate Owned properties of REOs.

Mortgage lenders with REOs are usually very eager to be able to sell the property off in order to gain back the money which had gone into the mortgage. It is due to these circumstances that property buyers can easily find the best opportunities to get all of the most outstanding deals on the Miami real estate market. If you would like us to assist you in making the most effective negotiations on post-foreclosure properties within Miami, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us today!